Altadena Dogs

Categories: Adoption Stories

Here’s another happy adoption story from the Bednarski family and their dogs Rufio, Sasha and Rusty, all three of whom are PHS alumni.


As our children grew and moved on to the next stages of their lives outside the home, we began visiting the Pasadena Humane Society (PHS) in search of a suitable canine housemate. First to arrive was “Rufio”, our “lost boy” full of energy demanding constant play. We suspected he suffered from only-child syndrome as he became increasingly stubborn and demanded what he wanted when he wanted it. Frankly it was our fault, Rufio was the new spoiled child of the family, being the only dog in the house. Our son suggested that Rufio needed a companion.

Six months later, we found that companion in “Sasha”, a female shepherd mix somewhat larger than the feisty Rufio. Sasha was much more obedient; with a laid back demeanor; she quickly became the matriarch of the family, a perfect addition to the household, keeping Rufio in his place. Both dogs quickly became buddies, wrestling and growling with each other, and watching over the house….barking at anything that moves in front of the house, watch dogs extraordinaire! However, we really don’t need protection from the crows and squirrels.

After about a year of mutual nurturing with our two companions, we renewed our ritual visits to the (PHS), just for a “look see” at the cute dogs. Both John and I scratch our heads trying to pinpoint the exact moment when adding another dog to the family was what we wanted. But on one of our visits, we found sweet “Rusty”, a Shar Pei mix. Rusty brings his own unique character to the family, in the form of cuddling and snuggling on the couch each evening. Surprisingly, he seems to be the only one of our three dogs that loves to fetch and retrieve a thrown tennis ball.

At Easter dinner this year, our daughter suggested that in the future we should find another way to deal with our empty nest syndrome. Upon reflection, as our kids have gotten older, more independent and absent from the house more that they are present…we found three perfect additions to keep our house safe and lively.

Deborah and John Bednarski
Altadena, CA