Abby in her holiday dress

Categories: Adoption Stories

I can’t remember the name she had at the Humane Society, but little Abby was supposed to be a dachshund. I recently lost my last of three dachshunds and was looking for another when I saw Abby’s picture on the PHS website. She was supposed to be at an adoption fair, but after waiting 45 minutes for her to arrive, she was not on the truck. Too shy, they said, and she’d had a busy day before, so she didn’t make the trip. Still motivated by her website photo, I took the trip back to the humane society to see her anyway, and found her quietly resting at the back of her kennel. As the handler was bringing her back to the visitation office to meet me, I saw the most sad, yet precious face approaching me and knew right then that she would be mine.

Shy no more, little “Abby” runs with leaps, bounds, grace and speed through the yard, but also loves just sitting on a lump of grass, waiting for a lizard or bug to hunt. She also has a love for beds and toys. Her dachshund brothers before her, left 10 beds around the house and a box full of toys. Before I could put the beds away, she claimed them all and plays in each one everyday. And the toys are never in their box. What is most adorable, though, is how cute all 5 pounds of her looks in her special holiday dress!!