Abbi’s Story

Categories: Adoption Stories

My boyfriend and I adopted a Staffordshire named Wandah on July 22, 2017. We were initially looking to adopt a younger puppy, but the little notes that were hung around her kennel caught our attention. They were written by a bunch of kids who got a chance to meet her. We asked to meet her and instantly knew she was the one. From her calm temperament to her puppy eyes, everything about her was what we were looking for. We since changed her named to Abbi! She was known to chew and destroy anything soft so under her information it had “Kuranda bed only”. We later found out through many many MANY damaged window blinds and window sills, Abbi has separation anxiety and will chew through any obstacles to get to the nearest person. With time and patience Abbi has learned to trust us and understood that we will return to her everyday after work. She now has a fluffy bed that she loves sleeping on and many more accessories. Abbi has changed our ways of thinking when it comes to adoption. Older dogs deserves the same chance as any dog in the shelter. We are extremely grateful and happy to have Abbi in our life and will continue to provide her with love, nurture and occasionally (ok, a lot of spoiling) for as long as she is with us. Thank you for all that you do and the services you provide. This adoption definitely changed our life for the better. I’ve attached a short video of Abbi as an update on how she’s doing. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as we did!

Watch Abbi’s video here.