Stevie: A Happy Cat Story

Categories: Adoption Stories


I wanted to give an update and a big thank you to all of the staff at PHS and Pet Food Express who cared for my wonderful girl, Stevie (aka at the shelter/store as “Nina”) from August through October 2015. I was asked many times during the adoption process to update the staff on her after she settled in!

From the moment I spotted her, I knew she was meant to be a part of my home! She is the sweetest, most affectionate and playful girl. She has ruled the house from the moment she came home with me. She loves to play with her laser toys, jump in cardboard boxes and sunbathe near my open windows. Stevie also somehow manages to take up the entirety of my queen size bed every night. She is a huge hit with the everyone who has met her, including my one year old nephew, with whom she was as gentle as can be. Thank you for such a great experience and for all you do!

-Elizabeth Haeger, happy kitty parent