Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA 2016 Annual Report

Steve McNall Retires

After 36 years working tirelessly for the welfare of animals at the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA (PHS), Steve McNall retired in summer 2016.

During his tenure, Steve transformed PHS from a concrete and chain-link organization with a $500,000 budget to the current financially secure, state-of-the-art animal welfare organization with over a $10,000,000 budget.

Steve had a long history with the organization. He began as an animal control officer, working with State Humane Association of California to professionalize the position and change the public perception from “dog catcher” to humane officer. Throughout his career he took a firm stand against animal neglect and abuse and helped define the link between harming animals and child, spousal and elder abuse.

Community health and safety have always been a top priority for Steve. Over the course of his tenure, PHS developed and expanded a disaster response team, licensing programs for services cities, vaccination of shelter animals on intake, and a public low-cost vaccination program to help keep the community and its animals healthier. In assisting residents of foothill communities, Steve oversaw the development of the PHS wildlife department, which helps residents and wildlife coexist with fewer incidents.

Thank you, Steve, for 36 years of service. Your legacy is truly for the animals.