Behind the scenes with a real, live ‘animal cop’

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As an animal control officer, Jocelyn has been asked to assist the police department thousands of times. She has responded to help with drug busts, car accidents, domestic violence investigations, reported suicides and more. Animal control officers are integral to the everyday safety of our streets. They respond to calls when there’s an animal at …

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Basket Bike Rides and Daily Beach Walks

Categories: Adoption Stories

We just want to share our sorry of little Louie. She’s the cutest little scruffer ever. Her Racoon eyeliner, black and grey hair and floppy ears melts all who come across her. A true diamond in the rough. When I first met Lu she was just hours into her brief stay at Pasadena Humane Society. …

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Fencing Tips for Dogs

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With warmer weather, dogs are more likely to spend time outdoors in the yard. Here are some fencing tips to help keep Fido safely contained. Regularly walk the perimeter of your yard to check for damage to fencing. Do not let your dog outside off leash until any damage is repaired. Many dogs escape because …

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