The sad story of a cat left behind when her family moved and how to prevent it from happening again

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This story started when an un-spayed, female cat was abandoned by her people. They were moving and rather than taking the cat with them or to the shelter, they just left thinking, “someone will care for her.” She wandered around the neighborhood scrounging for water, food and shelter. It was an unusually cold January, and …

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Sky, the bunny

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My rescue dog Sky had just had to be put down about a week before I adopted Cielo. I was really bummed and my mom didn’t want another dog but I was home most of the day and was lonely and hoping for another pet, so my boyfriend asked my mom if he could get …

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Rainy Day Pet Tips

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It’s raining! The first storm of the season is passing through the LA area. We’ve put together some pointers to help you and your pet stay safe and dry. Have Some Fun! Visit a pet-friendly business. Most pet stores allow dogs to wander the aisles with their owners, as do some local businesses. Always check …

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