Coyote Basics

Coyotes are very well adapted to living in cities. Coyotes may be active at any time of day. Their diet consists of rabbits and rodents, carrion, birds, and deer and is supplemented with berries and other plant materials. If allowed, they will also prey on domestic pets such as cats. Coyotes venture out in search of food; by removing any potential food sources from your home, you can prevent repeat coyote visits.

Dealing with coyotes

  • Typical six foot fencing will not keep coyotes out
  • Keep your cats inside and supervise small dogs
  • Remove any outdoor pet food
  • Pick up fruit as soon as it falls to the ground
  • Trim overgrown landscaping
  • Secure your garage and don’t leave the door open unless necessary

If you see a coyote

  • Make the coyote feel uncomfortable
  • Be aggressive. Yell or spray a hose at the coyote. Make loud noises or shake a can of pennies to scare the coyote away.
  • Make yourself appear large and back away slowly
  • Never turn your back or run away